Archives of my last day paintings - Archiv meiner vergangenen Tagesbilder

The archiv of the last day paintings  -  Hier habe ich noch einmal alle vergangenen Tagesbilder zusammengestellt.

A evening near the Hackesche Markt

A couple of young people at the underground station

A nice day in Mecklenburg

In the underground station

The big church - Berliner Dom

A sunny day in the Tiergarten

A young couple in the underground station

Autumn in the Tiergarten

This traditionel and famous Hotel in berlin Charlottenburg had to close for ever....

A young man in the near of trainstation Zoo

Two mens in a old restaurant of Berlin

A lion sculpture at the Gedarmenmarkt

A young boy with his dog in the S-Bahn station

A evening on the Meeringdamm

Near the Museums Island

A young man listing music in the underground train

The song

The late autumn in the Tiergarten

Tourists on the Museumsinsel

The playing automat in Wedding

The cleaning man on the Hallesches Tor

A man waiting for the Train...

A red women

A taired older man...

Springs in Mecklenburg

Wintertime in the park..

The pianist

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